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International Driving License (IDL)


An International Driving License (IDL) allows travelers to drive their car in other countries devoid of any additional paperwork. The driving license is issued by the country’s government authorities. An individual who holds an international driving license can drive their vehicle lawfully in almost 174 countries.

Eligibility Criteria For IDL

If you want to apply for an international driving license, it is important to satisfy the eligibility criteria. Individuals who are a permanent US resident with an age of more than 18 years and contain a valid driving license issued from the IDP are eligible to apply for an international driver license. Check out the article below for a detailed insight.

This entire process takes only a few minutes to complete.

However, if you are short on time and it’s difficult for you to submit the IDP application in person then don’t worry. You can also email it to the company’s official email id. This process usually takes around a weak. Check everything properly and submit the right and authentic information so that you cannot face any trouble later on.

Beware of Fraudulent Activities

Keep this noted that both “International Driving Permit” and “International Driver’s License” are separate things. People sometimes use the term International Driver’s License for International Driving Permit.

Tricksters take advantage of how people often use the phrase “International Driver’s License” when they really mean “International Driving Permit.” However, keep this noted that an International Driving Permit document does not contain any legal standing.

A large number of foreign officials found this whole process a lot confusing and this false document does not provide full help. Similarly, a non-IDP driving document is also expensive and cost more as compared to authentic IDP.

Validity of an International Driving Permit (IDL)

IDPs are valid for a period of one year or until your standard driver’s license expires. However, avoid apply for an IDP if the expiry date of your driver’s license is near. Submit the application form after renewing your driving license so that you can easily get a validity of one year or more.

Make sure you satisfy the eligibility criteria before applying, i.e., 18 years or above age limit, and a valid driving license. However, in case you have a temporary license, then don’t worry. You can still get an IDP.

How Much does it Cost?

IDPs are considered to be one of the most reasonable travel documents type. The prices however vary from country to country. It usually costs around $129 for US citizens and around $180 for Canadian people. Again, the cost fluctuates from country to country and depends upon different factors, i.e., execution time, quality of service, and more.


Getting an International Driving Permit is a good idea as it allows travelers to easily drive their vehicle in other countries without any problem. There is no need to carry any additional paperwork while driving a vehicle if you hold an “IDP”. This article contains a complete guide about how can one get an IDP. Check out the content above for a detailed insight.

An International Driver’s License (the correct term is “international driving permit”, or IDP) is a document that allows you to drive a motor vehicle legally in 174 countries when it is accompanied by your valid US driver’s license.
It contains your name, photo and driver information. You are eligible for an IDL/IDP if you are a permanent US resident at least 18 years of age and have a driver’s license that will remain valid for at least six months from the date of issuance of the IDP.
An international driving permit may also be required or recommended by many rental car agencies.
Here’s everything you need to know about this helpful document that will allow you to get behind the wheel on your perfect business trip or vacation.

What Are Authorities & Rental Agencies Looking For?

The most important page of the booklet is the Back Photo Page. This is the page that has your Personal Information and Driving Endorsements that correspond with the language translations on the other pages of the booklet.

1. Personal Information

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Place of Birth
  • Date of Birth
  • Driver’s License Country of Issue

2. Stamp Endorsements

  • Motorcycle
  • Car
  • Commercial Truck
  • Bus
  • Van/ Trailer

3. Photo

4. Signature

Full set international driving license
Full set international driving license

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Full set international driving license

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International Method

World Wide Fligibility

Instant Approval

Valid from 1 to 3 Years